Here at Karam Coffee we love, live and breathe coffee.

We source it, roast it, grind it, blend it, brew it and share it with pride, passion and joy. Pride in working closely with growers from all corners of the world; passion for perfecting our craft, and always exploring new ways of making great coffee; and joy in sharing our coffee experiences with family and friends, old and new.

Welcome to a new world of coffee, welcome to a new Majlis!


Arabic Coffee

A fragrant brew with a mellow and fruity flavour. A bright coffee with sweet nuances; it is best after meals and alludes to a warm desert campfire.


Turkish Coffee

The regal coffee with a strong and dark aroma boasting refined elegance. Best in the afternoon or the evening, and contrasted with something sweet.



A concentrated and robust taste that is further enriched with a deep complexity of flavours by the brewing process. A timeless coffee with a creamy and luscious crema.


Filter Coffee

A light and smooth medium-bodied coffee that’s excellent for kickstarting the day, but great anytime, anywhere. The everyday coffee for the hard-working professional.


Easy Serving Espresso Pods

The bold and rich flavour of Espresso Coffee specially packed for ease of use. Great for a quick and convenient brew without sacrificing taste.



Special Blends of EXPO 2020 DUBAI Arabic and Turkish Coffees