Here at Karam Coffee we love, live and breathe coffee.

We source it, roast it, grind it, blend it, brew it and share it with pride, passion and joy. Pride in working closely with growers from all corners of the world; passion for perfecting our craft, and always exploring new ways of making great coffee; and joy in sharing our coffee experiences with family and friends, old and new.

Welcome to a new world of coffee, welcome to a new Majlis!


Arabic Coffee

At Karam, we have gone back to the roots of Arabic coffee to provide you with a “pure” coffee experience and the choice to add spices as you like.


Turkish Coffee

Karam Turkish coffee offers you a delicate yet full bodied, smooth and mouth-filling cup, allowing the combination of unique blends to come through the buttery feel of the coffee.



Karam Espresso offers you the finest coffee origins, carefully roasted, rising vibrant undertones of wild fruity flavors with delicate mild lemon acidity, giving a complete fulfilment of a balanced Karam Espresso.


Filter Coffee

Karam Filter Coffee offers you an exotic combination of unique flavours and aromas, which highlight the special qualities and attributes of the coffee beans, balancing the citric acidity with a touch of caramel and fruity notes.


Coffee Pods (ese)*

Coffee pod is a concept, which ensures the delivery of consistent taste and aroma in every cup that is served. The modern and environment-friendly technique makes pods very popular among hotels, restaurants and cafés.

*easy serving espresso

Coming Soon


Special Blends of EXPO 2020 DUBAI Arabic and Turkish Coffees